The Motorcycle I dream of……..

The Motorcycle I dream of……..
An old advert from a bygone era when motorcycles were designed and crafted with as much thought as the care put into each bike.
An old advert from a bygone era when motorcycles were designed and crafted with as much thought as the care put into each bike.

Vincent shadow
The Vincent . A bike meant for the country roads & open throttle. And you’d better fuckin’ believe this baby spreads WIDE ! 😉

That’s right folks,  a British made (Re; Bad ass) Vincent. Doesn’t matter if it’s the  Rapide, the comet,the black shadow or black/white lightning. I just want one! Anyone know where the closest crossroad is ??? I have a serious desire to renegotiate my deal with crafty old Lucifer……..😈

C'moooon! I dare anyone to say this is an unattractive motorcycle....
C’moooon!, I dare anyone to say this is an unattractive motorcycle….

Vincent Motorcycles: A brief history.

Nice! Incredible that after 60 years this Vincent logo is still visible on this '49 Rapide. And that's just the fuckin' logo.....
Incredible that after what, 7 decade’s, this Vincent logo is still visible on this ’52 Rapide. And that’s just the fuckin’ logo…..

The Vincent Motorcycle is one of the most sought after standard-production bikes in today’s market, inching closer and closer to the six figure mark at recent auctions like this Rapide at Bonham’s. While the Brough still dominates in high ticket motorcycle sales, (excluding, of course, rare and limited production racers,) the Vincent marquee projects style, sophistication, class and what some may be reluctant to admit, status.

Originally the company was started by Howard Raymond Davies, who used JA Prestwich (JAP) motors, Burman gearboxes and Webb girders. The HRD company lasted on a few years before it was purchase by OK Supreme, who later sold the name and tooling in 1928 to Phil Vincent – a former rider for the A.J.S. racing team.  With Phil at the helm of his newly formed Vincent H.R.D. Co. Ltd., he developed the famous cantilever sub-frame, which gave the bikes a rear suspension that was decades ahead of its time. Phil Irving, an Australian born engineer, came onboard to develop the first in-house motor, for the 500cc “Meteor” ( Greatest names on these motorcycles ‘eh? ) .  During the second World War, Vincent motors were used in boats and as generators but returned to motorcycles in 1944 when they secured a USA dealer in Philadelphia – followed by many other locations as the war came to an end.

The first v-twin was designed back in 36 with the release of the Series A Rapide, a 998cc machine capable of 110 mph! The Series B Rapide was released near the end of the war and featured a modified unit-engine that became a stressed member of the frame. Vincent was really on the forefront of adding lots of adjustable parts, so that with little to no tools, the rider could make roadside changes in everything from seat and shift lever positions to final gear ratio (which was done by flipping the dual geared wheel around for a larger or small number of teeth on the rear sprocket. This thought process of “built by riders for riders” went over well and imports to the United States began to increase and, as not to be confused with H.D. (Harley Davidson), H.R.D. was dropped from the company name and became simply The Vincent.  wpid-wp-1440481154527.jpg

Vincent went on to develop the Black Shadow, which unlike the touring style of the Rapide, the Shadow was designed for sport riding with hotter cams, more H.P. and it’s distinguishing black stove enamel engine cases. The Black Lightning was the race version which a highly tuned engine, dual Amal TT carbs and a stripped down to bare essentials look.

“Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make EVVVERYTHING. WILD THING, I think I love you”.
This is a bike built to handle and built to last
This is a bike built to handle and built to last

The 1952 Vincent Rapide featured here is a nice example of a partly original or “sympathetically restored” bike. The tank has been repainted but the top decal remains original. It’s a clean bike and  more importantly, it’s not just a trailer queen – this bike is meant to be ridden

Fuuuck, i want one soooo bad!
Fuuuck, I want one soooo bad!
I dig the saddle. This is what initially caught my eye. It has a look straight outta Gotham, and a crazy mothafucka named Batman.
Blindfolded and down to his undies, Rollie goes for broke! Now, I’m gonna take a guess this man needed a clean pair of undies after This ride!

From an article courtesy of ( If pirating counts😉)

“One particularly hot morning, on Sept 13, 1948, a man known as Roland “Rollie” Freehopped on his Mobil Oil sponsored Vincent H.R.D. Lightning, determined to break the world record of 136.18mph.
A record that had been unbroken for the past 11 years.
His first attempt shattered the record with a speed of 148.6mph. Rollie wasn’t satisfied. Convinced his safety leathers were creating unnecessary drag, he stripped down to nothing but a pair of swim trunks and a goggles. His trademark style of lying flat across the motorcycle instead of a traditional riding stance added to the insanity, hurtling Rollie to a record of 150.313mph and into the books for the next twenty years.
It was a run that resulted not only in the record, but also in the creation of motorcycling’s most famous photo ever (the shot above of Free piloting the bike horizontally), taken from a speeding car racing alongside.

Bonneville is one of my absolute
Bonneville is one of my absolute “Go to’s” when i begin my travels. Seeing a photo of a place like this that exist’s here in the state’s just blows my mind! Unreal….
Rollie going over his game plan with a member of his crew.
Rollie, ( no worries in his undies & leather,…. ) going over his game plan with a member of his crew.
What a sight! Incredible. Crazy, but incredible
Rollie Free. En route to 153 mph, historic and legendary. Shown here Rollie is blazing a path of glory for future generation’s to build on. What a legacy!  Good on ya’ Rollie.
Fast motorcycles, fast woman and great style caps off a beautiful photo
Fast motorcycles, fast woman and great style caps off a beautiful photo. Rollie’s crew fine tunin’.   Also, note the style of choice on some in the photo, ESPECIALLY the fella in the background with the cap, leather jacket, jeans with cuffs rolled, topped off with a slick pair of boots. Fuck yeah! No doubt any item leathers, jeans on him wasn’t worn hard and put away wet. Ha!
What a photograph! Notice the speed as Rollie flies by…. HOLY Bat-crazy SHIT!!
Another shot of the speedometer. gorgeous. A lovelier sight these have rarely seen……
One of Phil Vincent's finest: The Black Shadow. God damn!
One of Phil Vincent’s & phil Irving’s finest : The Black Shadow. Think ’92 Dream Team in the NBA. You begin to get the picture.
I am more of
I am more of “Black Vincent” kinda fella. There’s a presence, a dark shadow that say’s, ” Don’t Fuck with me, my wrath ain’t pretty!”. Deliciously evil.

Well, let’s wrap this motha-fucka up, shall we?…

Will I own a Vincent someday? If I want one I will, that’s for damn sure. Then again who knows??? Jay Leno’s stamp of approval ( among other’s of a certain tax bracket no doubt ) has really fucked things up market wise in that, a fella average, working class joe being able to buy one is very unattainable. What once cost $1500-3000 when new, became about The same (give or take some figures) .Nowadays, WHEEEEWW! Forget it! That monster has grown into figures which read like such: $45-65000.00 at auctions, etc. Thanks Leno & crew, ya prick’s! I kid, of course. The man has a true love and admiration for motorcycles, who also happens to actually ride the bike’s among his collection. Plus, his you-tube vid’s are cool and helpful. Good on ya Jay,…. I’s only foolin’. Unless I die in a crash ( not the worst way to check out: It’s quick & clean, and you go out in a blaze. I mean c’mon! ) & end up reaching my twilight year’s, you can bet dollars to fuckin’ donuts i WILL own a Vincent. Or die tryin’….. HOLLA!

With my love and preference having made know in the previous photo, I certainly wouldn't kick any of these motorcycles outta my bed ( let's take that figuratively, I am not that desperate... ). I'll take any and all that come my way
With my love and preference having been made known in the previous photo, I certainly wouldn’t kick any of these motorcycles outta my bed ( let’s take that figuratively, I am not that desperate… ). I’ll take any and all that come my way.    
The Crimson Misfit, a character from a 1940's serial, and later on, the mascot of the misfit's. I love that band
See ya 😎

Wrapping Your Motorcycle Exhaust >> Motorcycle Riding Gear Online

I hace decided to wrap my head exhaust pipes.  The color of choice : TAN

That’s right, tan baby.

I see tan balancing out the color scheme of my bike. Think about it : Teal, chrome, matte black,  and…….TAN.

Well, now if that’s sorted , this outta come in handy soon….  ; )

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