vision’s to Remember!

   Watch “Killing Joke –        Money Is Not Our God Hideous Mix” on YouTube

Watch and enjoy. A lovely film backed by a great song!

Money? Unfortunately yeah it’s become the messiah. By “New” I mean in comparison with the age of the predecessor: “Jesus”. Or as I like to call him “Heysus”. What can i say? I get a kick outta being cute !……

Jesus, heysus, and money AIN’T MY God’s. You can have ’em. Me ? I’ll keep the faith where it belongs: WITHIN MYSELF.  Sure, we’re all entitled to yada yada blah blah….so they say. When i was a child I bought that shit hook line and sinker, possibly like the rest of us as lad’s. That didn’t last too long. By the time I hit my 11th year in life I was keen enough to realize the hypocrisy that was swirling around me like water being flushed in the toilet. You can add a few extra item’s in that same toilet while it’s flushing if you like. I do and have. Church? Now that’s funny. Maybe it’s a southern Anglo Baptist/christian thing, because ’round these parts it’s where the loud mouthed hypocritical white folk go to compare clothing and gossip. It really is a fucking joke, why you think I’m laughing at the thought of my brief tenure going to church/sunday school. The truth about the church i went to aside from the comparisons and hypocrisy, was that it’s a click, and like every click, if you don’t have the correct ingredients, your on the outs. My ma, she didn’t have such ingredients, & as for myself, well either I didn’t as well or really, I just didn’t give a damn. I’m gonna go with a mix of the 2, with a heavier lean on the latter.

If i were to go to church, it’d be a black community baptist church. Why? Because the people in those houses are beautiful and full of soul and rhythm. It’s fun! I love black people, or should i say community, African American? In these insane day’s and time’s, i don’t know what the Hell to say. Everything is so God damn “P.C.”. It’s gross and really makes my stomach quiver and want to vomit.

LABEL’S, I fucking hate ’em, deeply. Regardless, there it is, my view, and my choice.  Can any one really blame me for wanting to get on my motorcycle with enough gear to live and survive a few year’s away from YOU?!? Who cares…

Back to that dolla dolla bill y’all… Admit it or not, the fuck do i care. You know what’s true. Whether or not you’ll acknowledge it, don’t make it false and certainly doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy that really doesn’t exist,….. Ya know, like global warming and the Kardashians being warm, and loving people 😬

“America the beautiful”            how about,..  “America, the delusional”.

Sounds fitting. Enjoy your God, just make sure you give a little here and there to those in need, whose ingredients don’t match with those of America’s society and what’s been deemed correct and righteous. Which unfortunately mean the difference between a nice home, or in a bottle in some gutter. Ya cunts!
Your welcome


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