Obtaining a new title for the Cb350k…..

One of the golden rules of buying an automobile -of ANY KIND- is to never, ever, EVER. EVER make a purchase w/o a legal title.
As usual, I’ve broken this rule ( another addition to the ever growing pile). I purchased my motorcycle w/o the title, or the keys.
I did however obtain a bill of sale, so, my actions  weren’t completely idiotic. What’s more I also obtained a solid lead on a guy who’s business it is to sort out title issue’s, among other specialties. I’ve heard-tell that unusual circumstances call for unusual actions. The story of my life.
You see, before I sent that certified check to the nice couple, I had a bone to pick with this “no title” nonsense. So I did what anyone with half a brain would hopefully do: I searched eBay for a bike similar to the one i wanted. The one sitting 3 miles from my doorstep. The one with the teal paint job, the astonishingly low mileage, that felt SOOO GOOD to sit on. The perfect balance.
Well, quick story is I found one


The bike I almost purchased. Another’72 Cb350k beautifully restored

I sent a quick email to the seller, he got back rather quickly and after some chatting, that seemed that. Problem was , he wasn’t comfortable sekling to someone who couldn’t look the bike over in the flesh, and I didn’t have the money to take a trip to him, in Maryland ( I think). Among our conversation those few day’s, he told me about obtaining a new title, which of course struck a EUREKA with me. Fortunately for me, this cat is a gentleman and was gracious enough to disclose his source. With that, I wish him the best, and bid him adieu. The mission for the old bike by the sea that felt SOOO GOOD to sit on was back in action. I  spoke with the title guy, -bud- and  made the decision that the actions would justify the circumstances. So I made the purchase, and after a few weeks of back and forth (mailing check, receiving and sending back the bill of sale), the bike was brought home.
Fast forward 5 months, I’ve paid buddy, filled out the info packet he sent. Now im just waiting on bud to do his thang. These are usually the moments in my life where the seemingly simple chain of tasks follow these sorts of things usually go haywire with one setback after another. Lets hope not….
As of present, things look favorable. With a quick run of the vin numbers online, everything appears to be clean. No lost/stolen/missing bike reports.
Fingers crossed!

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