Where to begin,……..hmmm….

Well, at the beginning, I reckon.
This is probably more a side note then anything.
Basically, this begins @ the age of 29. Well, 28 technically. And they’re is a girl, well actually 3 that are involved  . I’ll get to them later as the backstory progresses.
The backstory will be intertwined with the present ( meaning 28 years onward).
The gist:
A boy is born to a beautiful , mixed-up, mentally ill young woman and a handsome, ill tempered, criminal  father. Boy also goes through his childhood/adolescent/young man phases learning the harsh realities of it the hard way. Father  splits @ 2 years of age, the next  16 are filled with contentious relationships on all fronts, addiction, again, on all fronts, violence, both domestic and non. Mental & physical abuse, constant fear of neglect, loss of loved ones-family, friends, everyone I cared  about-, and living life on the outside. Shunned by those around me, just cause. 
By 28-29, I was still a kid. After graduating high school, I spent the next decade building and destroying my life, again, on all fronts. By the age of  29 I seemed primed for  a major traumatic catastrophic downfall. I was ripe, and you know what? I had it coming. 
As painful an experience, and horrible for me as it was…..that’s when things get interesting. That’s where the fun begins.
So, if ya know me, if ya don’t, if you like good stories that range from funny, to tragic, all the way through to love, drama, blah, blah, then I hope you’ll follow me as I go through my  own personal journey.  A journey which will  not only be  personal, but will also see me hit the road and drift around a few years.
The search:
Myself, where I belong in life, and hopefully a home. My home.
First, a little about me, FROM ME, LOL. I am a great guy. I have a good heart, am both genuine & sincere. Very loving, and sweet. I am also very moody, selfish, self centered, cynical, surly, thoughtless and inconsiderate at times. I keep an open mind, and will drop an interest with as much speed as I picked it up. I am NOT a religious man. I don’t follow nor do I believe in ANY of it. I am a spiritual fella. A “What comes around, goes around” kinda guy, KARMA. I hate money, rascism, sexism. Anything with an “ism” attached it seems. I also loathe the mainstream,& those who follow. I consider them to be “sheep” & the mainstream to be the “herd”. I am an individual, and I believe strongly in individualism. Most importantly, the freedom of it I see people not in color, personal beliefs, class, gender, sexual orientation, blah, blah, +YAWN+, sorry, that subject makes me sleepy. I base people on 2 things: Asshole’s\ non-Asshole’s. That’s it. All of these “Guidelines”, and “Rules” that people have and continue to create and follow, nope, not me. I follow my heart, my instincts, and my morals. I am not special. I just have enough faith w/in to trust that whatever choices I make, they’ll be choices that won’t rape, maim, or kill another. I know that I am a good person, I know that my morals will keep me from making those horrific choices. I am an extremely “Mood-Oriented” person. Everything I say/do is based on which mood I am in @ the moment.
Much love, and cheers to all who give a damn.

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